Points to be taken in your account when evaluating the design of a data entry form

  • Consistent layout of formatting
  • Appropriate use of title
  • Lack of instructions on filling in form
  • No navigation buttons
  • Should contain descriptive labels, not just field names
  • Drop down list used to reduce data entry errors
  • Inappropriate space for data added
  • Unsuitable field lengths for this data
  • Appropriate spacing between fields/appropriate use of white space
  • Form fills available space/window
  • Font size/legibility/color schemes

How to evaluate a presentation master slide:

  • Appropriate slide layout (title slide for the first slide)
  • Consistent layout/master slide
  • Appropriate formatting/layout applied
  • Not too many words per slide/bullet

Evaluate the using (advantages and disadvantages) of mail merge letters:


  • Letter could be reused with different recipients/future years
  • The operative does not need details of recipients


  • It may take longer to setup mail merge than type to individuals
  • It needs more skills to use mail merge facility

How to evaluate a password:  Give one example of a strong password:


Give reasons why this is a strong password:

  • Mixed upper and lower case
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 symbol
  • At least 8 characters long
  • Random characters
  • Not family names, date of birth ..etc.

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